Medical Transport & Air Ambulance Services in Alberta

Alberta Paramedical Services utilizes specialized vehicles to meet your unique needs. We can provide standby and transportation services with various units, ranging from a golf cart or mini ambulance to 4-wheel drive units and every type in between.

Modern, Up-to-Date Equipment

All of our vehicles are fully stocked with modern and up-to-date equipment that meet the recommended industry standards of Alberta Health & Wellness Ambulance Services Branch and Alberta Occupational Health and Safety. All units are equipped to the minimum of the Basic Life Support level. All modular road ambulances and aircraft are equipped to the Advanced Life Support level.

Air Ambulance Service

Our vehicles are equipped with both cellular telephones and 2-way radios for communication purposes. Since some of our work takes us to remote locations, our units include a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver to pinpoint our location when performing helicopter evacuations of patients. For our air ambulance service, we utilize both jet and prop aircraft, both specially equipped for ambulance work.

The “Gold Standard” in Patient Care

Our medical supplies and equipment are of the same or higher quality as those items found in public Emergency Medical Service ambulances. This assists our medical professionals in providing “gold standard” patient care.

Equipment we have available at all times includes:

  • First Aid rooms
  • Treatment tent – ideal for small venues, indoor events, outdoor events, races, etc.
  • Support vehicles
  • Stretcher vans – ideal for doctor appointments, family visits, etc.
  • Segway – ideal for maneuvering through large, crowded areas
  • 4x4 SUV – ideal for transport unit, chase vehicle, shuttle unit
  • 4x4 Mobile Treatment Unit – ideal for off-road use, short-term standby, First Aid room
  • UTV (Gator-type, off-road unit) – ideal for construction sites, large outdoor venues
  • Portable 2-way radios
  • Modular ambulances – ideal for rodeos, sporting events, motorsports, etc.
  • Treatment trailer – ideal for long-term events, isolated venues, large venues
  • Rescue pods – ideal for fly-in/fly-out locations
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