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Our COVID-19 Testing


We are all anxious to get back to business as normal and the vaccine roll will make that possible. However, while we wait for that to happen you can protect your employees and company from suffering any further setbacks or closures due to the Novel Coronavirus by conducting rapid COVID-19 testing. Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd. is now offering Rapid COVID-19 Antigen or Rapid COVID-19-PCR testing at your place of business. 

Given the time, effort and money your business has spent on bringing people back safely to the office or job site, it only makes sense to add this level of protection and screening to your health and safety plans so those previous measures are not wasted due to an outbreak amongst your employees. We can provide your company with the protection it needs to continue operating effectively during these uncertain times. 

Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd. operates Monday to Saturday from 8 AM to 6 PM with special accommodations possible if arranged in advance. Our mobile testing teams provide on-site workplace testing and will come to you to complete the testing. Our experienced registered healthcare professionals and experienced administrators provide a seamless experience from specimen collection to results reporting. Testing can be provided to workplaces of all sizes. 

For more information or to book your worksite for testing, email or call 780-499-1280 .


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