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Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd is able to provide you and your company specialized on-site medical support anywhere in Alberta, designed specifically for you. Having our staff on your jobsite gives you peace of mind and the best care available. We guarantee the immediate attention that you expect and deserve. We treat workers that do not need the services of a hospital, but by understanding the process of our local emergency services, we can also focus on expedient transfer to local departments.


Any site can need care and assistance, ranging from recognizing a potential hazard, to coping with a major disaster involving several injured or trapped victims, which requires full-blown emergency service response and coordinating initial rescue and First Aid care. We can provide this conveniently and affordably. We can also work with you to provide ongoing care to workers on light duty or back-to-work programs to ensure they know how to regain their pre-injury status and keep disabling injuries at bay. Give us a call for more information.


Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd provides standby services for those clients who are involved in high-risk activities or who appreciate the need for specialized emergency protection. We provide standby services for everything from special events to sporting venues to movie productions to private parties. Whether your event is for a couple of hours, months or years, Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd has the expertise and equipment to provide you, your staff, site visitors, and event participants and guests with immediate expert on-site medical care. Nobody wants an accident or illness to happen, but should one occur you can rely on the Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd professionals.


Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd recognizes that your job site or special event may pose unique demographic challenges. For this reason we maintain a fleet of various treatment/First Aid centers and ambulances to meet most every need. Utilizing a Scope of Practice second to none, our professionals will work to stabilize the situation and coordinate safe and expedient transport for further medical aid as required. We can provide various levels of care to meet different risk levels or budget requirements.


Sporting events

Major functions

Motor sports

Movie and television production




VIP events

Horse racing


Ready when you need us.

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