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When people's health and their lives are at stake, there is no room for compromise.


Industrial On-Site Medical Support in Calgary, EDMONTON and Red Deer

Turn to Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd for industrial on-site medical support in the entire provice of Alberta. Our staff is fully-equipped to provide you with specialized on-site medical support specifically customized for you. Having our experienced and qualified team at your jobsite gives you peace of mind and the best possible care available. You can rely on our services for the immediate attention that you deserve and expect. Whether you’re at a site recognizing potential hazard or coping with a disaster involving many injured and trapped victims, our entire emergency service response team will be there to help you. We’re also exceptionally trained in coordinating initial rescue and First Aid care.


Our services are convenient and affordable, and you can count on us to provide ongoing care to workers on light-duty or back-to-work programs. Through patient and skilled care, we can help injured workers get back on their feet and avoid further injuries or preventable disabilities at bay. Call us today to talk find out what we can do for you or your loved ones.If you wish to get more information about our services, kindly give us a call.

Emergency Response Planning

Alberta Paramedical Services Ltd can help you prepare and enact an emergency response plan to suit your needs. A good emergency response plan is a must in today’s industry. With our assistance you can compile an accurate and workable plan, ensuring the response you have to an emergency is the best possible response you can have.

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